How to Face a Interview

The question which arise for every fresher after completing their degree is ” How to Face an Interview “. As a fresher you may yourself think why i am not getting placed in any interviews,in which you think you’re potentially fit. The point lies here before considering about your knowledge ,skills and percentage the most important one is the way you facing an Interview. Hence it is important to approach an interview in a correct manner and with the right attitude,as that is the key to success

      These Tips will helps you to stay clam and focussed instead of being a nervous wreck.

Sleep Well :

          A good night’s sleep is essential to stay fresh in body and mind.Never leave the planning for the last minute.Be ready with your interview dress and keep your shoes polished.Women should clip their nail paint if it’s uneven at places and smoothen it well in advance.Try to remain calm and happy to be successful.


Go prepared:

          Find out about the company’s vision,goal,products,the work culture and the management from the website.Then from the job description,analyse how suitable you are as a canditate.You can’t be prepared for all questions but there are some common interview questions and if you’re prepared for them, half the battle is’ll appear more confident if you’re ready with the response.

Be thorough with your CV:

           You should be familiar with whatever is mentioned in the CV.Read it thoroughly so that you’re not stumped by any question regarding your past employment and education.

Be on time:

            Travelling to the interview can be stressful, especially if you’ve to commute a long distance. Try and do a trial run a day in advance so that you know how long it takes to reach there.Remember, arriving late for whatever reasons is totally inexcusable.

Business meeting

Take deep breaths:

            If you’ve been made to wait in the reception,have a glass of water and take some deep breaths so that your voice is regulated and you don’t seem shaky.

Act confident:

           Even if you don’t feel confident, act as one emanating confidence. Your body language should be accurate and you should be making a positive impact during the interview. Sit straight on the chair and look into the eyes of the interviewer. Remember, you’ve nothing to lose and go with that mind set. This causes lesss palpable stress.

            That’s it success is in your hand, follow the above tips next time while preparing for a interview and get placed. Wish you all success